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The concept VERY DURABLE/ MUY FUERTE is a temporary installation consisting of cardboard boxes that are labelled with phrases we usually encounter in our day to day artistic and commodity production. Works of art travel in boxes to other places, other realities, other cultures, other hands, always with the label “Very Fragile/ Muy Frágil”. The exhibition will build on this phrase, to reflect on the fragility of social values, particularly human and civil rights. Closed boxes labelled with red tape and stickers will hold this content and will be handled in the exhibition, without anyone being aware of what is inside the box. VERY DURABLE is divided into two interlaced fields of action: The Project The installation will be presented in seven columns of superimposed cardboard boxes (1x4m). The space will be covered with open boxes, highlighting the texture of the material and giving the viewer the feeling of being inside a large box (estimate of 300 boxes). There will be different labels attached to the boxes: FRAGILE, AND VERY FRAGILE. VERY DURABLE is therefore inspired by the fragility of each viewer. Each box in its format and size allows the public the possibility of interpreting and adapting to this “fragile” content, and stimulates introspective and social reflections. The cardboard pillars will leave enough space to allow the public to move between them and see up close the VERY FRAGILE labels, which are the opposite of the initial disclosure VERY DURABLE – a contradiction we are interested in exploring. Performance A public personality will have their face covered with a cardboard box and the two artists will write on the cardboard "Muy Frágil". The actor will remove the mask and talk about the issue of Human Rights. It is very important to note that the project has a clear sociocultural intention. It is feasible and can be executed without any problem within the established time period, since the two components of the group have enough experience with this type of projects.

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